A Pandora Story


by DrowElfMorwen

Hello and Welcome!


I am DrowElfMorwen on deviantArt. It already has been a long wait since Avatar came out in 2009--it seems so long ago. Avatar 2 is slated to come out in 2017, so what is one to do? While there is many a fanfic to read, it lacks the visual element that so many of us fell in love with (although, I am writing a fanfic to go along with this comic). Second Life offers role-playing there, with two different Avatar communities, and there is always fan communities such as the ones at learnnavi.org and the Avatar Forums, and the Tree of Souls forums.

Here, however, I hope to offer fans another outlet--a comic that has been in the making for a year now. Rather, the preperations have been going on for almost two years, and I am finally able to start it. I hope you all enjoy the comic, and having a readership here would be most welcome.

I also want to add this is my first ever venture into the world of comics, so please be kind. If you enjoy the comic, please check me out on deviantArt: http://drowelfmorwen.deviantart.com

May you enjoy the story! Eywa ngahu!